Life Pointe Church upholds a formal congregational membership that is clearly defined and carefully maintained. Our desire is to equip both church leaders and members to more efficiently identify and exercise their respective responsibilities to God, one another, and the world. Therefore, membership identifies those who have entered into a bond of commitment with other members, and for whom our elders will give an account.

(Hebrews 13:17)



What Does the Membership Process Look Like?

The process usually goes as follows:

  • Anyone interested in plugging into Life Pointe Church can check out the Intro (a lunch following a selected second service) to meet the leadership and learn more about Life Pointe’s history and core values.

  • A prospective member then would attend the Follow-Up (a dinner during the week in a current member’s home).

  • Upon completion of the Follow-Up Meeting, an application form is filled out and submitted to the church office or staff member.

  • The elders will review the application at an elder meeting, in which they will discuss and pray over the applicant(s).

  • Upon the approval of the elders, the prospective member receives confirmation from the church office.

  • The new member is presented to the congregation and publicly received into the membership of Life Pointe Church.

The Intro and Follow-Up meetings occur periodically throughout the year. Check the bulletin or contact the office for more information.

*Attending the Intro or Follow-Up Meeting does not commit you to membership. They are informational meetings covering the distinctives, leadership, and membership of Life Pointe Church.


What Does it mean to be a member of Life pointe Church?

To better understand what you can expect as a member from Life Pointe Church please read our membership covenant below.


How Do I Update My Membership Information?

Contact us here.


How Do I Apply for Membership?

After attending both the Intro and the Follow-Up, a prospective member can grab an application at any point from a staff member or an elder.

Contact us here if you have any questions.